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Small Business Marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

John Huegel offers seminars and consulting on small business development and web Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

As a trained Information Technology (IT) professional and Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt (MBB), John Huegel is constantly learning about ways to leverage technology to promote small businesses. Through his efforts to promote his business online, he has developed a solution that he has combined into both a speaking and consulting platform devoted to improving SEO for small businesses.

Here are some recent comments from John's "White Hat" SEO Seminar tour:

"Your presentation answered many questions I have had for a long time! I am so excited to implement this inform and the steps given to take action right away." -- Melissa C, Stewart, TN

"Great presentation. A truckload of information." -- Alex G, Germantown, TN

"Excellent overview of how professional photographers can enhance their web presence." -- Michael B, Knoxville, TN

"It was perfect. Most helpful program I have heard!!" -- Linda S, Hixson, TN

"Very interesting. I was afraid this would be way over my head, but you made it accessible to different levels of knowledge." -- Jeannie F, Signal Mtn, TN

"The list at the end with the 15 steps was great!" -- Anonymous attendee, Nashville, TN

"This was one of the best presentations on SEO I have attended. I learned a lot!" -- Alisa W, Knoxville, TN

"John did a fantastic job in his SEO presentation. He had a lot of valuable information that will be very helpful to my business." -- Nicole W, Clinton, TN

"John, you really know your stuff. Your presentation was organized, concise, comprehensive and well done. Thank You!" -- Linda H, Rochester, NY

"Thank you for sharing all of the information. I will definitely be re-evaluating my website now!" -- Adrian D, Rochester, NY

Does the program work?

Here are some comments from attendees that used my program:

Linda S: Before: "When I first looked up [my key words] on Google, I was nowhere to be found!! None. Couldn't find me at all. I was very disappointed."   1 week later: " Guess what!?!?!? I am on the first page of Google! Hopefully it will only get better."

 If you are involved with marketing of small businesses through industry or professional groups, chambers or guilds, and would like to have John work with you to develop solutions, please contact him. Here is a sample of speaking and consulting offerings related to small business SEO:


The standard presentation runs roughly two hours with hands-on demo and Q&A. We can also work with your group to develop a full-day or two-day web marketing/SEO workshop.

  • Small groups (less than 50 members): $300.
  • Large groups (more than 50 members): $500.
  • PPA Affiliate groups: $100 and PPA Speaking merit.

Small Business SEO Consulting:

May include: website critique, competitive assessment, recommended actions, web design and modification and follow-up.

  • One-time web review and recommendations: $149
  • Full-day hands-on assessment and action/execution session: $499
  • Coverage by the hour: $75/hour, billed in half-hour increments for time applied.


Driving mileage or actual travel expense may be added if we need to travel more than 100 miles from Erie, PA

6% Sales tax will be added for clients within the state of Pennsylvania.