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Do you struggle with music mixing for Dance, Cheer, Skate or other events? Are your songs too long, choppy or do they contain objectionable lyrics?

If so, I can help. I have been remixing music for studios for years, and have developed a technique that is quick and very effective. In fact, I guarantee that a casual listener will not be able to detect the cuts and edits that I make in the music.

Using your music, or purchased tracks, I will create cuts that you can use in your practice and shows. I can even create slowed-down copies to use as you practice choreography.

I have mixed over 200 songs for dance studios over the years. One notable cut was "Greased Lightning", which is pretty dirty. I sanitized it so it was "G Rated", and no offense was taken!


I assume you provide the original music from a CD, or you email me the MP3 file. You must own a legal copy of the music. I will not mix music stolen from Limewire or other pirate sites.

If I have to buy the songs from Amazon, you'll just pay that song price in addition to the mixing fee.

The first three songs/cuts per studio are FREE!

Single song: $10

Three songs for $25

Ten songs for $60

A whole studio's season for $200!


For a sample, contact me and I'll email a sound file to you. Remember, the first three are FREE!